Testimonials from Legal Counsel and Co-Mediator

HMG would like to thank Mr Lau Wah Ming and Mr Manoj Nandwani for their encouraging testimonials. A Sharing By Mr Lau Wah Ming, former Deputy Secretary , Ministry of Law (1995 to 2005) "I had the privilege to co-mediate with Linda in a challenging case. On top of her conflict resolution skills, Linda displayed personal attributes that was a key factor in moving that difficult mediation session along. She engendered  and inspired much  trust in the disputants and showed empathy with them such that the parties were  greatly encouraged to persist despite seemingly impossible obstacles. I feel that her patience and genuine understanding of human nature, and her sincerity and calm manner with which she counselled  the parties made a deep impression on the disputants and made it possible for them to come closer to a final resolution.  As a Principal Mediator who has done mediation at SMC regularly since its beginning, I found  that particular experience of co-mediation with Linda one of the most satisfying sessions." Manoj Nandwani, Gabriel Law Corporation “I participated in a mediation settlement session at the High Court conducted by the SMC. The mediation was presided by Linda involving a property dispute between 2 family members. As expected emotions ran high in a matter of this nature. The acrimony was deeply ingrained between parties as they were locked in a contentious and long standing dispute. Although  parties were willing to mediate the matter it was fortuitous to have Linda in the ‘trenches’ of battle with us as counsel as each took extreme positions. Her patient, considered, empathetic and  tenacity permeated the proceedings. This had the effect of diffusing the discord while allowing a healthy ventilation of disputed issues . Linda achieved this objective by allowing for a constructive sharing of views  ( which bridged the gap of miscommunication ) and contained attempts to have opposing views pilloried. This set of qualities set the stage for a reconciliation of otherwise strongly held and indefeasible positions . Parties were thereby empowered to look beyond their immediate interests.  Linda’s enthusiasm to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome was to say the least, relentless. But quite apart from her negotiation skills and training, it was Linda’s unselfish spirit that was both heartfelt and genuine. I commend her for her work and am thoroughly satisfied with the experience of her role as a Principal Mediator”
December 2013

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