Talk to Community Mediators

Dr. David Shimoni, our Israeli affiliate from Goshrim, presented a talk to community mediators last evening. David is not only an experienced mediator in commercial, family and family business disputes, he is also a preferred trainer for the professional court mediators in Israel. IMG_9868   The talk was well attended and there was a lively Q&A after his presentation. Mediators were intrigued by the tensions he highlighted between traditional and modern mediators, and asked for examples of hybrid model of community mediation that worked in a complex, diverse and volatile society like Israel. IMG_9867   This year, the Jews' holiest holiday "Yom Kippur", a day of fasting and atonement, coincided with the Muslim's "Eid al adha", the holiday of the sacrifice which is a day of joy, feasts and family fun. The fact that the two holidays are on the same day is a cause of concern in their mixed cities because each religion's habits can offend the other religion. See this video where David shared how the Israeli community mediators handle potential racial conflicts at a national level. IMG_9811 (You can also view the short clip made by the community mediators to reduce tension: IMG_9869   We hope that the Singapore community mediators enjoyed meeting David as much as he enjoyed meeting them!  

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