Family Disputes

When things fall apart, HMG can help families restore harmony through mediation. Family disputes occur for a variety of reasons, leading to dissolution of marriages and a general breakdown of families once intact. The unfortunate reality of familial breakdowns is that disagreements over family estates and inheritances, custodial and care arrangements, division of property, assets and financial support become live issues which then require a solution. Families in crisis are encouraged to turn to mediation as a first attempt at resolution of these matters. Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process involving a neutral third party who facilitates communication between parties in conflict. The aim is to assist parties in moving forward with their lives through a painless and effective process. Where relationships are at the heart of a problem, family mediation offers a safe and neutral environment for families in conflict to discuss their difficult situations with the support of a trained, professional mediator. Parties are enabled and empowered over the settlement outcome. The mediation process is designed to assist parties manage conflict through negotiations with a view to a consensual resolution on the parties’ own terms. This gives certainty to parties, with time and costs more contained. An opportunity to mediate prevents parties from turning to litigation, which may be protracted, with the risk of further hurt impacting on already broken relationships. We at HMG are here to help.