HMG is 2 years old!

In view of the rapidly developing mediation landscape, HMG was set up 2 years ago by a group of passionate and professional mediators. There have been challenges, but it has also been a fruitful time for us to get a sense of who we are as a professional service company and how we might better engage stakeholders in amicable dispute resolution. The next few months will be exciting as we embark on more long-term plans to collaborate with industry leaders, lawyers, authorities, estbalished mediation institutions both locally and regionally. We look forward to putting our plans into motion in the years ahead. It is also with great pleasure that we take the occasion of our second anniversary to welcome 3 more mediators to our mediation experts panel. They are Mrs Michelle Woodworth, Mr Alvin Cheng and Ms Shanti Abraham. They bring with them much mediation expertise in commercial, family, medical-legal disputes, and a wealth of training experience both locally and overseas. HMG mediators are dedicated to minimising the costs of conflict, and promoting peace and harmony in unpleasant situations. We have mediated disputes where litigation fees are avoided, and in some cases relationships were reconciled. We know that in the right hands and mediation is attempted early, all manners of conflicts can be better managed and even resolved amicably. As Mr Bradford A. Berenson (General Electric's Vice-President of Litigation and Legal Policy) said at the Singapore Mediation Lecture 2014,  "... rather than viewing mediation as a risk, I will argue that NOT mediating is riskier."  What more can we say, but that we have said for the past 2 years?

 Minimise the costs of conflict. Mediate first with Harmony Mediation Group. 

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