Comments on “Family Mediation Training and Accreditation Course”

These are the comments from the recent "Family Mediation Training and Accreditation Course" conducted by Regents University London". There were a total of 13 delegates including 7 lawyers, 3 counsellors / psychologists, a businesswoman, a doctor and a district judge .   image "I have learnt a lot this past one week. The speakers are all knowledgeable, interesting and make it easy for me to understand. I have learnt to understand other people and even my own values and self-esteem. Whatever I learned can be applied to everyday communication with people. This course is highly recommended!" "It has been a very interesting course. I have learnt tremendously from the trainers, thanks!" "All the 4 trainers were excellent in their knowledge and delivery, and I really learnt very much from them. I am really very glad that I attended the course. It has given me some very, very important insights, ideas and techniques for resolving conflicts through effective   handling of the emotions as the core of the conflict." "The course focused on the practical skills necessary to conclude a mediation successfully. The approach taught is likely to lead to a settlement which parties will claim ownership and therefore more likely to lead to closure and for parties to move on. The course also allowed plenty of opportunities to practise the skills taught." "It is a very valuable experience for me, as well as a very good learning experience. I have been a mediators for quite a number of years and this course has enriched my knowledge and skills as a mediator." "Great course, well planned and executed. Trainers are good and well-informed."  "Having practised mediation for 4 years now, I have always felt something missing in my style and technique. Having gone through tho course, I realised that the missing piece of jigsaw is understanding people from the  psychological point of view. The course has ticked all the right boxes for me and I cannot wait to take up this course so as to quip myself with the skills and techniques required to handle parties in disputes. Above all, these are also life skills, be it at home, work, or in any other situations." "The quality of coaching was excellent! I thoroughly enjoy the interactions and exchanges with a steep learning curve. I strongly recommend the course!" "I come from a psychotherapy background and as such, the legal aspect of mediation was quite daunting. Perhaps a little more of what the overall mediation process looks like could be helpful. The coaching style of all the facilitators  have been great - encouraging, supportive and reflective."  "Positive: clarity of presentations, quantity of coaches and coaching during role playing, friendly and approachable coaches who are experts in their respective fields, the opportunity to role play Negative: more in depth materials and discussion in the theories of psychology and psychotherapy, as applied to the practice of mediation, discussion of the challenges (i.e. difficulties) in using the psychotherapy approach On a personal note, thank you very much Paul, Monica, Karen and Spencer. It has been an enriching and rewarding experience for me. I appreciate and am grateful for this journey with you all" image  

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