Our Partners in Mediation

Clients become amenable to alternative dispute resolution when they have grappled with the travails and tribulations of an impending trial, particularly when informed of the prospect of escalating legal costs. This is often when I suggest mediation, which can be a cost effective way to settle a dispute quickly in a way that is ultimately decided on by parties. My experience with Harmony Mediation Group was a rewarding one. The mediators I worked with were incisive, empathetic and focused on the end point. This helped parties to commit to the resolution of the dispute. –  Kevin Cheng, Goodwins Law Corporation
 As a matter of practice, our practitioners in Central Chambers normally broach the subject of mediation to our clients after the litigation has gone into summons for directions. It is often at that stage where the clients are mentally ready to assess if they really want to press on with the litigation. By then they would have spent some litigation dollars, gone through some stress and also considered the evidence from both sides. That is the time to refer the clients to mediation. Mediation is a process that engages the clients into deciding how they want to settle their disputes and with the correct expertise in the mediation framework, disputes get settled , even very difficult cases. – Ronnie Tan, Central Chambers Law Corporation