Angela Mitakidis

Mediation qualification

Angela was born in South Africa where she became an attorney. In the course of practice, she had the opportunity to mediate divorce matters which sparked her passion for mediation. In 2007, Angela and her family moved to Singapore where they lived and worked for five years. She completed the associate mediator accreditation training at the Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC) and became an SMC associate mediator. Angela also completed advanced family mediaton training at Eagles Mediation and Counselling Centre (EMCC) in Singapore. In late 2012, Angela and her family were awarded USA permanent residency and subsequently moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area in the state of Texas where she became a friend of the Texas Association of Mediators. Angela is currently completing two mediation training courses, one in general mediation and another in advanced family mediation in accordance with the Texas Alternative Dispute Resolution Practices Act - Chapter 154 of the Civil Practices and Remedies Code.

Mediation experience 

Angela practiced commercial mediation at SMC, family mediation at EMCC and small claims mediation at the Subordinate Courts of Singapore. Angela has mediated disputes ranging from commercial claims, family, medical, real estate, re-modelling, building construction, sales and services and other industries. Angela has also coached and trained for SMC and EMCC in negotiations and conflict resolution, mediation, peer mediation and marriage enrichment. She has also held a positions as Manager at SMC and Head of Mediation Services at EMCC. Angela pioneered various mediation and conflict management projects such as peer mediation, father-teen, conflict management and church conciliation at EMCC and was a trainer on all of these projects. Angela has trained a range of professionals from the education, medical, legal and public sectors. Angela currently consults for EMCC as overseas consultant and was recently appointed as overseas affiliate for Harmony Mediation Group, Singapore.

Other qualifications and expertise 

Angela also enjoys life coaching, employing the method of Reality Therapy to coach and guide individuals and couples. She completed the basic and advanced intensive courses in Reality Therapy: Choice Theory through the William Glasser Institute in 2012. She has also completed a Marriage Prepare/Enrich course and became a registered marriage trainer under the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports in Singapore where she conducted pre-marital counselling at EMCC. Angela also has vast experience in the legal aid and volunteer sectors in South Africa where she was employed at the Legal Aid Board and where, together with her husband, she founded and managed a community non-profit HIV/AIDS organisation serving the less privileged communities in Johannesburg. In Singapore, she volunteered at the Singapore Law Society’s Pro Bono Office and served as Governance officer and Cambodia Country Manager on the committee of the Pistorio Foundation, a charitable foundation whose aim is to enhance the educational status of children in developing countries in Asia and abroad. Angela has been married to Michael for 21 glorious years and has been blessed with two wonderful children, Keziah and Matthew. Angela believes that where there is peacemaking, God can be found, and her desire is to continue to pursue her passion for peacemaking so that people may find hope, witness their lives transformed and rejoice in discovering their purpose.