Goshrim Ltd

Goshrim was established to promote professional mediation in Israel. We practice and teach mediation with personal, social and cultural adjustments.  |

Our activities

Mediation We provide quality mediation services, involving additional mediators according to area of experience. Our passion is mediation in big family disputes (parents, children, siblings, family businesses), but we deal with most categories of disputes. Training We provide basic mediation courses leading to a Mediator's certificate. We are certified by the Israeli Court Management to conduct practicum courses where the participants mediate real court cases under our supervision. Community mediation We are official advisors and supervisors of community mediation centers throughout Israel. We train volunteer mediators, conduct professional workshops and support managers in planning annual programs. We can offer mediation and training in English.

About us


Dr. David Shimoni

Professional mediator since 2001. College lecturer, teaching conflict management and mediation. Certified by the Israeli Ministry of Justice as an instructor of advanced training programs of mediation ("practicum"). Vast expertise and experience in community mediation. Served as instructor to community mediation centers throughout Israel, under the Ministry of Justice. Formerly held senior positions in Government service and as high school Principal. B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy, M.A. in Political Science, Ph.D. in Education.

Adv. Yael Ezraty

Professional mediator since 2006, practicing and instructing mediators. Worked in a community mediation center in Jerusalem as coordinator of unique programs of mediation and special needs, employment, the elderly and restorative justice. Formerly a manager of an aviation and tourism services company. LLB (Hebrew University), currently completing M.A. in Conflict Research and Resolution. We employ highly skilled and motivated professional mediators who perform mediation sessions as well as training in all levels.