Medical dispute between hospital and patient

A private hospital was claiming for non-payment of medical fees after an elderly patient was treated for foot injuries. The patient revealed that he was a diabetic and had gone to the private hospital's accident and emergency department for his foot injuries because he thought the treatment would be simple. He said that the doctors had treated him and sent him home. He was planning to  make payment when his toe turned gangrenous. Worried about the medical fees, the elderly patient went to a public hospital for follow-up and subsequently had to have a toe amputated. His medical fees snowballed and though he wanted to make good his payment to the private hospital, he needed a grace period. The private hospital was taken aback by the turn of events for the patient and demonstrated concern. Out of goodwill, they offered a discount on the fees and proposed an installment plan. The mediators queried about the logistics of paying by installments. The elderly patient said he would make a few trips down to the hospital to pay. When the mediators asked if this was practical considering his foot injuries, the private hospital offered to send a staff member to his house to collect the installment instead.