Family dispute over inheritance

When Patsy’s husband passed away suddenly, he left her with a young son and a five-figure inheritance. That inheritance, Patsy claimed, had been quietly siphoned by her in-laws. She wanted the money returned and to sever relationships with her husband’s side of the family. Her in-laws, Mr and Mrs Lim, denied taking any money. They felt their grandson was neglected due to Patsy’s long working hours. Their deceased son had also borrowed sums of money from them, and they demanded that either the sum of money was returned to them, or the inheritance was left in their care for their grandson’s use in the long run. They did not trust Patsy to use the money appropriately. Mediators helped both sides to examine their misperceptions of the other. Both sides finally agreed that Patsy, as well as Mr and Mrs Lim and their extended family, genuinely cared for the young boy. The mediators conducted a reality check to see if both parties would find it useful to pursue litigation, which would prolong the misery for the child. From there, the mediator helped both parties to focus on ther child's welfare as their main priority. They agreed on after-school care and tuition arrangements. A large portion of the inheritance was also returned to the widow with the remainder placed in a joint fixed deposit account for the child's withdrawal when he turned 21. Disclaimer: Some names and identifying features have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.