A Satisfied Client

Mediators don't often receive feedback because clients (both parties and lawyers) are extremely worn out at the end of a long session. Even when we request for feedback post mediation, not many clients respond. Hence, it is with great delight that a recent client (Mr Ronnie Tan of Central Chambers LLC) responded generously to my request for a recommendation to the International Mediation Institution. He also graciously allowed me to reproduce his testimonial here. I mediated this half million commercial dispute as a Principal Mediator for the Singapore Mediation Center. I would like to add that parties in dispute not only benefit from professional mediators, they need the support and counsel of lawyers who truly endeavour to act in the interests of their clients. The success of amicable and sensible resolutions to disputes will be impeded if lawyers were out to milk their clients, teach them to posture and cajole them to trial unnecessarily. We look forward to making referrals to lawyers who are effective and sincere mediation advocates. Ronnie Central Chambers Testimonial  

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